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Retirement and Early Retirement

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Retirement is our specialty, but life planning is ultimately what we do for our clients. For us, financial guidance is possible only when we have a personal understanding of what matters to you on a deeper level than dollars and cents.

Jennifer Jackson

Vice-President, Investment Advisor

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Retirement and Early Retirement

Integrated Planning

What We Do Differently

Before we determine how best to fund your retirement, we focus on understanding how you want to spend it. Our integrated approach combines detailed lifestyle planning with comprehensive wealth strategies, so that we can help you not only preserve your wealth, but also maintain your standard of living in retirement.

How You Benefit

Life doesn't always happen the way you predict - with an integrated approach, we can adapt your wealth strategy to your evolving lifestyle

You get a sound, practical plan that covers the various facets of your retirement, including tax, investing, insurance and cash flow management

This level of detail allows for greater clarity, which is especially valuable for those planning for an early retirement

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Retirement and Early Retirement

Pensions, Benefits and Retirement Packages

What We Do Differently

Over the last 20+ years, we've been guiding clients through the complexities of retirement and early retirement. This has led us to develop an intimate knowledge of benefits, pensions and packages, both broadly and within certain individual companies.

How You Benefit

Get a clear cost-benefit comparison of all your pension and equity compensation options

With a plan to commute your pension, we can customize the way your retirement assets are managed and uncover new opportunities for growth and tax

If you're offered a retirement package, we can help you determine its viability in terms of supporting you through a long retirement




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Retirement and Early Retirement
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Retirement Lifestyle Planning and Maintenance

What We Do Differently

While most working professionals have retirement as an ultimate goal, few have given real thought to the kind of life they hope to lead once they get there. That's why we take care to help you define your ideal retirement lifestyle and all the ways it may evolve or shift over time.

How You Benefit

This approach can help you pursue not only financial objectives, but also more meaningful, personal goals

When your wealth strategies are designed around your lifestyle, they can also stay relevant as your lifestyle changes

Detailed projections and a long-term lifestyle strategy can help you enjoy a retirement of 20, 30 or even 40 years

Retirement and Early Retirement

Cash Flow Planning
and Management

What We Do Differently

As part of our integrated approach to retirement planning, we follow a detailed process to analyze and project your cash flow. The strategies we implement with respect to your retirement and investment plans are determined by the cash flow needs we uncover during this process.

How You Benefit

Get a clear picture of how your various sources of retirement income - pension, investments, CPP - will help support your lifestyle for decades to come

Clarify both inflows and outflows, including potential future costs like long-term care

Gain a more realistic estimate of when you can comfortably retire

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Retirement and Early Retirement

Timing Your CPP and OAS

What We Do Differently

Choosing the right options for your CPP (Canada Pension Plan) and OAS (Old Age Security) means fully understanding your individual circumstances. We evaluate the role that these benefits will play in the context of your integrated financial picture and your projected retirement lifestyle.

How You Benefit

With a personalized strategy, you stand to gain more from your CPP and OAS over the course of a lengthy retirement

You can also minimize your overall tax burden by making strategic decisions

If you're considering retiring early, we can clarify how your CPP will be impacted

Your Retirement Income

CPP OAS Pie Slice
Pension Investment Other Pie Slices
Retirement and Early Retirement

Partial Retirement

What We Do Differently

Retirement is a decades-long life phase that can take on many forms. That's why we developed a process for planning for and navigating a partial retirement, whether it involves pursuing business opportunities, taking on part-time work or moving into a consulting role.

How You Benefit

You can weigh your options for partial and full retirement with a clear assessment of the financial implications of each

We help you navigate questions of tax, CPP and OAS, and pension and retirement rules

You get a clear strategy for managing multiple sources of income in your partial retirement, as well as an investment strategy that is tailored accordingly

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Retirement and Early Retirement

Risk Management

What We Do Differently

We think of risk as something that applies to your entire financial picture - not just your investment portfolio - so we use risk management strategy to strengthen the way you plan for retirement and to build up your wealth's resilience against those life events that you cannot always predict.

How You Benefit

You get a comprehensive risk management strategy that covers not only market volatility, but also inflation, unanticipated or rising expenses, and longer life expectancies

You can use insurance, savings and tax strategies to help alleviate the financial stress of unexpected events

With detailed analysis you can get answers to questions of longevity, preservation, and how to ensure your assets and your family are protected

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Retirement and Early Retirement

Early Retirement Tax Strategy

What We Do Differently

Tax is one of the many ways early retirement differs from the conventional retirement timeline, and with a specialized approach we're able to help you navigate the opportunities and the pitfalls. We also work in concert with your accountant in order to align and execute your tax strategies.

How You Benefit

Make early retirement more viable by increasing the portion of your wealth that is tax-sheltered and taking key steps to lessen your tax burden

Understand the tax implications of commuting your pension, moving your target retirement date or exercising company stock options

If you receive an early retirement payout, you can distribute and manage it with a strategy to mitigate tax

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Retirement and Early Retirement

Specialized Programs

What We Do Differently

For each client we help plan for retirement, we do a deep dive
on their company's benefits programs, pension policies and, if applicable, retirement packages. Over the years, this has led us to develop tailored retirement programs for both 3M Canada and GDLS (General Dynamics Land Systems).

3M Logo
General Dynamics Logo

How You Benefit

You get a cohesive plan that brings specialized knowledge of your company's pension and benefits with a comprehensive retirement strategy tailored around you

You can better navigate the complexities of your defined benefit or defined contribution plans, retirement packages and company stock positions

You have a seamless process for making advantageous decisions with respect to timing, pension commuting and taxes

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Estate Planning

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Estate Planning

Defining Family Wealth Goals

What We Do Differently

When your financial focus for much of your life is on earning and saving, it's important to take time to consider, what's it all for? Our estate planning process begins with this question, so that we can define the priorities and objectives that will underpin your estate planning strategies.

How You Benefit

Set goals you may not have considered, like creating a legacy that you can enjoy during your lifetime

Uncover and define deeply held priorities

Start important conversations with your spouse and loved ones

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Estate Planning

Specialist Support

What We Do Differently

Our team introduces specialists from within the CIBC network to help design and implement the appropriate structures for your estate plan, like trusts, wills and estate documentation. We also coordinate with your own estate attorney and accountant.

How You Benefit

This process helps ensure all your documentation is in place and up to date

With a well-coordinated approach, recommended strategies are implemented properly

Enhance your estate plan with the insight of specialized professionals like estate planners and trust officers

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Estate Planning

Legacy Planning

What We Do Differently

We believe your estate plan is much more than a will. For many families, it's about understanding your part in a history that began generations ago and will continue on for those who will follow. We help our clients define and create a family legacy.

How You Benefit

Take steps to help preserve family wealth for multiple generations to come

Get clear strategies to help you continue on the legacy of previous generations in your family

Pursue not only financial legacy objectives, but also complex or intangible goals like preserving family values or making your mark in your community

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Estate Planning

Educating Rising Generations

What We Do Differently

The Jackson Group offers various courses and seminars on financial topics, but we also work with our clients to encourage communication among family members and to enhance financial fluency among children, grandchildren and other beneficiaries.

How You Benefit

Help provide your children with foundational knowledge in finance and investing

Instill rising generations with the principles that will help them carry on your family legacy

Help provide your beneficiaries with the intellectual tools to manage and preserve their inheritance

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Estate Planning

Beneficiaries and Disbursements

What We Do Differently

The transfer of an estate can be a complicated process at an already difficult time. That's why we help manage the disbursement of assets upon death, which involves working with family and beneficiaries to provide ongoing guidance.

How You Benefit

Your family can rely on the guidance and resources we provide

Beneficiaries can ensure they've taken all the necessary steps to transfer the estate

We can help ensure the estate transfer plan is executed properly and all intentions are fulfilled

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Estate Planning

Trust Services

What We Do Differently

In order to deliver trust services for our clients with complex estate and family wealth goals, we work with CIBC Trust. With a 100-year history serving Canadian families, their services include Corporate Executor, Trustee and Power of Attorney, Agent for Executor, Agent for Trustee, and Agent for Power of Attorney.

How You Benefit

Rely on complete privacy and discretion, as well as the stability and experience of the administration teams at CIBC Trust

You have the comfort of knowing your assets are being protected and soundly managed on your behalf

Gain access to a specialized trust services team working in tandem with your team at The Jackson Group

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Estate Planning

Wills and POAs

What We Do Differently

We work with your estate attorney to ensure the proper documentation for your estate is in place, and we host periodic reviews so that it reflects your current circumstances and intentions. This includes your will, Power of Attorney and other end of life documents.

How You Benefit

You can have the peace of mind knowing all your intentions are clearly articulated

Prevent family members from having to make difficult decisions

Establish clear communication and a common understanding among family members

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Estate Planning

Charitable Giving

What We Do Differently

Of all the objectives we help our clients reach, charitable giving is one of the most rewarding and personally meaningful. That's why we incorporate a philanthropic component to your estate plan.

How You Benefit

Discover new ways to express your values or fulfill your family's legacy

Allocate wealth tax-efficiently to causes that matter to you, either through your estate or during your lifetime

Explore specialized strategies like setting up a foundation or endowment

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Estate Planning

Transferring Wealth

What We Do Differently

The central purpose of your estate plan is to transfer wealth efficiently. This is a long-term process to preserve and transition assets, and it can include a range of strategies from investing to tax, legal and even insurance solutions.

How You Benefit

With our integrated planning approach, you can stay on track to your estate goals while you enjoy your retirement

You can reduce administrative expenses and legal fees during estate transfers

Implement a multi-pronged transfer plan to meet various goals for family, legacy and philanthropy

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Estate Planning

Estate Tax Strategy

What We Do Differently

Our focus is to ensure that estate taxes do not impede your estate and legacy goals. With input from specialists and an active planning approach that keeps your strategies up to date, we help mitigate the impact of tax on your estate.

How You Benefit

Introduce custom and specialized strategies to mitigate estate tax

Ensure your estate transfer strategy reflects current tax and legal regulations

Prevent family members from having to face unexpected tax bills

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Financial Planning

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Financial Planning

Your Personal Financial Plan

What We Do Differently

We always start with a plan. Before we make any recommendations or offer any advice, we complete a thorough assessment and a detailed financial plan, because it gives us the clarity and perspective we need to start working toward your goals.

How You Benefit

Your plan is exclusively yours, and it will help guide the process of strategizing and decision-making throughout our relationship

It can also help you understand the possibilities for your wealth and define the range of potential solutions for meeting your objectives

Get a custom roadmap that we will help navigate, build and adapt over time

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Financial Planning

Adapting Your Plan

What We Do Differently

Life is unpredictable - if your plan can adapt, you stand a better chance of reaching your goals. We deliver financial plans in conjunction with a hands-on review and maintenance process, so that we can identify relevant changes and make timely adjustments.

How You Benefit

Get detailed projections that can help quantify the impact life changes will have on your savings, growth and income

When your portfolio is built according to the needs and goals of your financial plan, it can also be made to adapt to the changes in your life

Your life - not the markets - remains the focus of the strategies and plans we design

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Financial Planning

Lifestyle Planning and Maintenance

What We Do Differently

Financial planning is not just about what you want to achieve - it's also about how you want to live. We design your financial plan through detailed income and cash flow projections, combined with a discovery process aimed at understanding your lifestyle patterns and aspirations.

How You Benefit

You can make informed financial decisions based on clear data projections

Get a clear picture of the lifestyle that's possible in the present or at a future life stage

With detailed lifestyle analysis, we can align your income strategies to help support your day-to-day needs

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Financial Planning

Strategies for Long-Term Financial Security

What We Do Differently

In the last 20 years we've seen that long-term financial security comes from a combination of strategies, such as investment growth, preservation tactics, and proactively mitigating all potential forms of risk.

How You Benefit

Identify the financial protections that will help you weather all storms

Improve your financial resilience against risks like inflation, rising costs and market volatility

Build a foundation of financial security that can continue to support future generations in your family

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Financial Planning

Planning for Major Purchases and Expenses

What We Do Differently

By identifying and preparing for major purchases and expenses early on, we can find the most efficient way to fund them, while managing liquidity to help accommodate the truly unexpected.

How You Benefit

Anticipate and plan for the costs of things like long-term care or support needs for parents or children

Proactively allocate capital to help fund short-term goals while staying on track to long-term ones

With clear communication, you can be comfortable knowing our team is aware of and working toward goals that matter to you

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Financial Planning

Education Planning

What We Do Differently

As part of our integrated planning approach, we help you balance education savings with all your other priorities, like early retirement or family legacy. We use our planning software to provide projections and help identify appropriate cash flow strategies.

How You Benefit

RESP strategies can help you maximize the tax advantages of registered education savings

You can implement savings strategies for your children as well as grandchildren or other family members

With integrated planning, you can help ensure your education planning goals are in balance with other needs and priorities

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Financial Planning

What We Do Differently

What We Do Differently

Clients of the Jackson Group also have access to the CIBC Private Banking team, who tailors a suite of banking services to help meet cash flow, currency and day-to-day banking needs.

How You Benefit

You get a full range of bespoke borrowing and liquidity solutions

Your advisors at the Jackson Group coordinate and communicate with the Private Banking team

With integrated planning, you can enhance your financial plan with specialized private banking strategies

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Investment Management

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Investment Management

Goal-Oriented Investing

What We Do Differently

We believe your financial well-being shouldn't rise and fall with the markets. That's why we design investment strategies according to the goals, time frames and other considerations outlined in your financial plan.

How You Benefit

Your goals are the focus, so our discussions and recommendations are always in the context of what's in your best interest

You can make investment decisions based on your life, rather than emotion or speculation

The growth, preservation and income components of your investment strategy can be customized around your various goals

Middle-aged professional sits at desk with laptop and notepad
Investment Management

Custom Asset Allocation

What We Do Differently

Based on your personal financial plan, we design a custom asset allocation from a vast inventory of investment types including cash, fixed income, stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. We also provide multi-currency accounts.

How You Benefit

Diversify your portfolio through multiple market sectors

Align your asset allocation, one of the biggest determinants of investment outcomes, with your personal goals

You can stay on track as our team adjusts your asset allocation according to new goals

Hands reviewing a document with charts and graphs
Investment Management

Investment Consulting Service

What We Do Differently

The Investment Consulting Service is Canada's leading separately-managed account program, which is available to The Jackson Group clients through CIBC Wood Gundy.

How You Benefit

You gain access to proven investment managers from around the world

Investment managers are carefully selected and closely monitored

Your assets are held in a separately managed account in your name, which allows for greater flexibility, control and customization

Jennifer Jackson smiling, sitting at desk
Investment Management

Long-Term Growth

What We Do Differently

Our approach is not to rely on hot stocks or short-term market speculation, but rather capture long-term market growth that can help you reach your accumulation goals.

How You Benefit

Explore advanced investment strategies that incorporate Canadian, U.S. and international securities

You can rely on prudent, personal investment guidance that cuts through the typical market noise

You can get on track to long-term goals like retirement

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Investment Management

Income Generation

What We Do Differently

With integrated wealth and lifestyle planning, our aim is to align your investment income with your cash flow and retirement needs. This means we design your portfolio with income generation strategies that will help support your lifestyle.

How You Benefit

Once you've retired, you can rely on a balanced, tax-efficient cash flow process that includes your investments, pension, CPP and other income sources

Your portfolio can incorporate dividends and other income-oriented investments

You get a tailored investment strategy to help meet your unique income needs

Two professionals review blueprints at a desk with a laptop
Investment Management

Preservation Strategy

What We Do Differently

We strive to design plans that are resilient, in part due to their adaptability and in part due to built-in preservation strategies we incorporate into each client's investment portfolio.

How You Benefit

Gain access to a vast inventory of fixed-income and money market instruments, such as T-bills, GICs, government bonds and corporate bonds

Explore conservative ways to achieve the investment growth you need

Invest with a strategy that is aligned with your personal risk tolerance

Mike Long, Jennifer Jackson and James Stuart review documents at a table
Investment Management

Tax-Smart Investing

What We Do Differently

We want to help you earn what you need and keep what you earn. This means pairing custom investment strategy with a tax-conscious wealth management process.

How You Benefit

Use tax-efficient investment vehicles to help grow your wealth

With a structured drawdown plan, you can mitigate the impact of capital gains tax

You can avoid unexpected tax losses

Two professionals converse over coffee at a table with laptop
Investment Management

Registered Savings

What We Do Differently

Retirement income often comes from a combination of assets that includes RRSPs, RRIFs and other registered savings. Managing them effectively is about understanding how they factor into the larger retirement picture and finding the path of least exposure to tax.

How You Benefit

You can see the full tax deferral benefit of registered savings

You don't need to worry about tracking your contributions and limits

Generate tax-advantaged growth as part of your investment strategy

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Investment Management

Monitoring and Adaptation

What We Do Differently

We believe the success of your investment portfolio, like the success of your financial plan, depends on its adaptability. That's why performance monitoring and periodic rebalancing is such an important part of our process.

How You Benefit

Your portfolio can keep up with changing markets and your changing life

You can stay up to date with clear reporting and regular updates

You get proactive recommendations for your portfolio based on diligent monitoring

Jennifer Jackson and James Stuart review documents at a desk

The Client Experience

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The Client Experience

Proactive and Adaptive

What We Do Differently

We use detailed, integrated planning as the foundation for everything else. We then manage these integrated plans actively, so that they can stay relevant and effective through life events, market cycles and multi-decade retirements.

How You Benefit

A plan that adapts to your life can help you maintain your lifestyle through retirement

Proactive strategies can help you build long-term financial security

If you're retiring early, this approach can help you anticipate and navigate challenges

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The Client Experience

Client Communication

What We Do Differently

Communication is an essential part of the client experience at The Jackson Group. We work closely with our clients and their families to guide them through the retirement process and toward individual goals.

How You Benefit

This approach can help you maintain order and clarity with respect to your financial picture

You always know the rationale behind our recommendations and the results we're striving to achieve

You can keep all relevant parties on the same page, including family members and professional advisors

Group of professionals converse in a boardroom

The Client Experience

The Jackson Group Process

When you picture your ideal retirement, it's not luck, the economy or hot stocks that will make it happen; it's about the plan and level of commitment to it. We believe that in both investing and retirement, the process you follow has a significant influence on the results you achieve.

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Juliana Borba, James Stuart and Jennifer Jackson meet with clients in a boardroom
The Client Experience


Personal Discovery

What We Do Differently

This is your opportunity to reflect on and gain clarity around your goals and personal values. In turn, this allows us to gain a thorough understanding of your retirement options and ideal lifestyle.

How You Benefit

You get a clear picture of what's possible for your retirement and your options for making it a reality

This is an opportunity for a comfortable conversation about what really matters to you

You can uncover financial gaps and opportunities you didn't know where there

Personal Discovery
The Client Experience


Integrated Planning

What We Do Differently

We craft a comprehensive retirement plan that can weather all markets and support the values you've defined. This includes income sources, tax-efficient strategies and risk management.

How You Benefit

Your plan combines lifestyle and wealth planning

You get detailed projections that put retirement into perspective and help you make confident financial decisions

Through one team and one plan, you can align all your wealth strategies with your goals

Integrated Planning
The Client Experience


Implementing the Plan

What We Do Differently

Your portfolio is constructed as part of your overall roadmap for the stages of retirement. We begin to implement all of the recommendations presented.

How You Benefit

You can rely on not only detailed planning, but also committed follow-through

You get a custom investment strategy and well-diversified portfolio

Your investment strategies are oriented toward your goals and restricted to your risk tolerance

Implement the Plan
The Client Experience


Monitoring the Plan

What We Do Differently

As your retirement unfolds, we focus on monitoring portfolio performance and periodically rebalance to keep up with changing markets and your changing life.

How You Benefit

Investment decisions are governed by the goals, values and parameters defined in your financial plan

You have a team monitoring your investments and responding to significant changes

Your financial plan and retirement strategies adapt as your needs change

Monitoring the Plan
The Client Experience


Consultation & Communication

What We Do Differently

We serve as a central point of communication for you, your existing tax and legal advisors, and our own specialists. Our goal is to keep all parts of your plan relevant, cohesive and up-to-date.

How You Benefit

You get insights and strategies from a variety of specialists, such as insurance, private banking and estate planning professionals

You gain the convenience of having communication between our team and your lawyer and accountant

You have a hands-on, accessible team available to provide timely advice and keep you informed

Consultation and Communication
The Jackson Group team

Meet the Team

The Jackson Group includes three Investment Advisors and two client associates, and brings over 70 years of combined investment industry experience to the table to support our clients diverse wealth management needs. We work very closely with specialized colleagues in Private Banking, Estate Planning and Trust Services, as well as our clients? personal tax and legal advisors.

Core Team

Jennifer Jackson

Vice-President, Investment Advisor

  • More than 25 years of industry experience helping late-career professionals and their families

  • Has developed a successful system for growing, protecting and transferring wealth tax efficiently, based on principles of detailed financial planning

  • Has acquired specialized expertise in early retirement, including a process to adapt wealth strategies as clients? lives shift and evolve

  • Works with professionals in fields such as health care, manufacturing and defence, building adaptable financial and investment plans so that they can live their ideal retirement lifestyle



"I live in west London with my husband and colleague, Mike. My love for what I do has led me through a deeply fulfilling career of over 25 years, but outside of my professional life it's other passions that drive me.

First, I am an absolute, unapologetic foodie. A food truck is just as likely to catch my interest as a Michelin star restaurant, and Mike and I are always in search of new culinary experiences. Fortunately the other hobbies that take up my time are gardening and working out with my personal trainer."

Core Team

James Stuart headshot

James Stuart, CFA

Investment Advisor

  • 25 years of industry experience and a valuable institutional perspective

  • Spent 21 years at a global investment bank, most recently as the COO for their Canadian securities business

  • Has broad capital markets experience including Corporate Finance, Equity Research and Electronic Trading

  • Holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation

  • A graduate of both the Richard Ivey School of Business and the London Business School



James Stuart skiing with his two children

I grew up in Western Canada and first came to London as a teenager to go to UWO. My wife and I now have two teenage kids, and it won't be long before we're filling out university applications again.

Outside of work, we like to spend our time outdoors, often on our bikes in the summer, and on our skis in the winter. Unfortunately I can't keep up to my kids on either anymore!


Core Team

Mike Long headshot

Michael Long

Associate Investment Advisor

  • Has a professional history in Technology Research and Project Management before joining his wife Jen at CIBC Wood Gundy in 2007

  • Works closely with The Jackson Group clients to identify ways to adapt their financial plans to their evolving lifestyles

  • Helps implement investment and retirement solutions

  • With broad sales and technology experience, coordinates the team's marketing, performance monitoring and client reporting efforts



Mike Long with his bicycle near a river

"I'm fortunate enough to work alongside my wife Jen every day, and at our home in west London, what occupies me most is cooking. I love to grill, and I often turn to the Green Egg to smoke meat and help Jen get her foodie fix.

I'm an avid cyclist, a seasoned traveller and an occasional golfer."

Core Team

Lindsay Willemse headshot

Lindsay Willemse

Client Associate

  • Has been a core member of our team since 2004

  • Has extensive industry experience, which helps her ensure The Jackson Group clients get the day-to-day support and service they need

  • Holds a degree in Finance & Administration from Western University

  • Coordinates cash flow management, scheduling, tax reporting and client documentation support

  • Provides knowledgeable, efficient responses to any and all inquiries



Lindsay Willemse watches small dog do agility exercises
Lindsay Willemse
Lindsay Willemse poses with boy band

"London, Ontario is my hometown. It's also where I attended university, where I began working for the Jackson Group, over 15 years ago, I'm honoured to say, and where I still reside today.

In my free time, you can usually find me at home with my family, which includes three wonderful dogs with whom I've enjoyed many years training and taking to various competitions. Needless to say I am a very enthusiastic animal lover and pet parent, but while I appreciate spending time at home with my family and friends, I also really enjoy music and attending concerts. Anyone who knows me will also confirm that I am an ever-loyal boy band fan."

Core Team

Juliana Borba headshot

Juliana Borba

Client Associate

  • Joined The Jackson Group in 2018

  • Holds a Postgraduate Certificate at Fanshawe College and an undergraduate degree

  • Started her career in her native Brazil, spending four years in investment and banking advisory roles before moving to London in 2018

  • Works directly with clients and brings a unique international perspective to the team



Juliana Borba in a canoe on a lake
Juliana Borba skating on an outdoor rink

"My roots are in Brazil, where I was born and where I first discovered my love of the outdoors. Half of my formative years were spent by the coast and the other half in the Amazon Forest. After my move to Canada, I developed that same love for a new landscape, its idyllic lakes and even its not-so-idyllic winters.

I still spend much of my free time outside, hiking and ice skating in the winter and cycling and canoeing in the summer. If you happen to find me indoors, I'll probably be baking at home while my adorable dog begs for treats alongside my boyfriend Chuck and his two children."

Juliana Borba with Mike Long at a charity run

Extended Team

John Robinson, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C

Vice-President, Estate Planning Specialist

(519) 640-7606

Jordan Crampton, CFP

Estate Planning Specialist

(519) 640-7736

Michael Burns, CFP

Financial Planning Specialist

(519) 640-7714

David Coate, CPA, CA

Associate Estate Planning Specialist

(519) 640-7761

Nick Comly

Senior Private Banking Advisor

(519) 661-2697

Kellie Wetherall

Senior Private Banking Advisor

(519) 719-2858

Lori Strong

Senior Trust and Estate Consultant

(519) 432-1594

to know

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"It's time for retirement planning to evolve into life planning. The fact is, only a detailed plan with proper maintenance can reflect reality over time. Our aim is not to predict the shifts in your life, but rather to adapt to them with customized solutions."

Jennifer Jackson

Vice-President, Investment Advisor

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Jennifer Jackson and Jim Stuart are Investment Advisors with CIBC Wood Gundy.

Mike Long is an Associate Investment Advisor working with Jennifer Jackson, Investment Advisor.

If you are currently a CIBC Wood Gundy client, please contact your Investment Advisor.